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Motion currently partnered with and pays rewards in SaitaRealty. SaitaRealty is part of the SaitaChain ecosystem has a loyal following and is a disruptor in the real estate market.  Now everyone has the opportunity to invest and get involved and own real estate all over the world in the same way we are challenging the health and wellness industry making SaitaRealty the perfect partner for Motion.



SaitaRealty is a revolutionary venture in the real estate market, blending the advantages of Web 3.0 technology with the vast and intricate world of Real Estate.


Vision & Objectives
SaitaRealty was conceived with the vision to revolutionize the real estate market by bringing blockchain’s efficiency and security to real estate transactions.
Their mission is to simplify and streamline real estate transactions, making them accessible and secure for everyone, regardless of their geographical location or cryptocurrency knowledge, Our primary goal is to create an ecosystem where buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals can interact seamlessly and trustfully,

Innovation & Differentiation
The innovation of SaitaRealty lies in the creation of the communitility concept, merging community with utility. SaitaRealty project offers a unique platform where users not only engage in real estate transactions but can also benefit generating rewards through commissions from property sales, and take part in a strong community movement.
We differentiate ourselves through our holistic approach, including a real estate listing system, the possibility of cryptocurrency and fiat payments via our partners, and a robust feedback and support mechanism.


Project Functionality
SaitaRealty aims to provide a range of functionalities designed to optimize the real estate market :


Listing Platform:
A user-friendly interface for listing and searching properties.


Flexible Payments:
Support for transactions in cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, facilitating access to a global market.


Strategic Partnerships:
Collaborations with renowned real estate firms to ensure a diverse and quality offering.

Market Strategy and Evolution
Initially, SaitaRealty is focusing on the vibrant real estate market of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with plans to expand globally as the project matures.
The evolution of the project is driven by market demands and user feedback, ensuring we continue to innovate and enhance our offerings.


Token Economy
The $SRLTY token is at the heart of the SaitaRealty ecosystem, driving both utility and community.
Our tokenomics are designed to ensure equitable distribution and incentivize participation in the ecosystem.


The tokenomics of SaitaRealty feature a 3% transaction tax, fully dedicated on development & marketing efforts. Our total supply is 120 Billion SRLTY tokens, of which 61.3 Billion are currently in circulation

How to buy:
$SRLTY is available to trade on SaitaSwap & SaitaPro, plus on the BNB Chain through PancakeSwap. Additionally, on MEXC, LBank, BitMart exchanges, with more to come in the future.


Token Utility:
Besides holding and trading, $SRLTY tokens will be used for transactions in the upcoming platform, including property listings and service fees


Roadmap and Future Plans
Our roadmap outlines the strategic development of SaitaRealty, highlighting key milestones:


Team and Partnerships
SaitaRealty is backed by a team of experienced professionals in real estate, blockchain technology, and finance, currently developing the SaitaChain ecosystem.
Our partnerships with established real estate firms and technology providers are pivotal to our strategy, providing us with the expertise and resources to revolutionize the real estate transaction process.

Practical Use Cases and Applications
SaitaRealty is not just a concept but a practical solution to real-world challenges in the real estate sector.
Our platform will facilitate various transactions, from buying and selling properties to renting and leasing, all streamlined through blockchain technology.


Risks and Challenges
We recognize the inherent risks and challenges in integrating blockchain with real estate.
These include market volatility, regulatory changes, and technology adoption barriers.

Our strategy includes risk mitigation measures, ongoing market analysis, and user education to navigate these challenges effectively.

SaitaRealty stands at the forefront of a new era in real estate transactions. With our innovative approach and robust platform, we aim to set a new standard for how real estate transactions are conducted globally.
We invite you to join us in this exciting journey as we reshape the future of real estate.
Appendix: Blockchain Technology in Saita Realty

A. SaitaChain: The Layer 0 Foundation


Technical Innovation with SaitaChain:

A breakthrough Layer 0 blockchain already released in Alpha test mode offering high transaction speeds and low fees, ideal for DeFi and real estate applications.
Advanced sharding techniques for scalability and the alpha testnet demonstrating its efficiency and user-friendliness.

Ecosystem and Products:

SaitaChain Coin as the primary cryptocurrency for transactions and gas fees. It currently has over 145k holders.
XBridge for enhanced interoperability between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
A suite of DeFi products including SaitaPro app and SaitaCard, alongside SaitaLogistics for blockchain-based global shipping solutions


Saita Realty Integration:

Leveraging SaitaChain for efficient, secure real estate transactions. Future plans for comprehensive integration with Saita Realty, reshaping real estate transactions..
B. Future Development: SRLTY’s Layer 1 Application

Vision for a Specialized Blockchain:

Developing SRLTY’s own Layer 1 blockchain built on SaitaChain’s Layer 0 infrastructure. Focused on enhancing real estate transaction speed, security, and reliability.

Features Tailored for Real Estate:

Smart contract capabilities for automated and transparent property transactions. Global accessibility for seamless international real estate investments.

Impact and Long-Term Vision:

Setting new standards in the real estate market for efficiency and user experience. A commitment to ongoing innovation, positioning Saita Realty as a leader in real estate blockchain technology.

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