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How do I trade MOTN?

  • Connect your Meta Mask wallet to
  • Ensure SBC24 chain is selected
  • Select MOTN/STC pair in the swap screen
  • Ensure slippage tolerance is min 8%
  • Perform swap
  • Approve transaction on MetaMask
  • You can check your transaction on

*Only MetaMask and SaitaPro is supported on SBC24 more wallets will be added soon.  Please ensure you download MetaMask from the official website

What is the Motion contract address on SBC24?


What are the SaitaChain network details?

Use Following Details to add the SaitaChain network to Metamask Manually.

Where is the SaitaChain block explorer?

What is a Motion Challenge?

MOTION Challenge is a free-for-all feature of THE MOTION app. Users can take part in these STEP challenges and win Prizes.

How to take part in the MOTION Challenge?

Are MOTION Challenges always running?


Do all MOTION Challenges have Prizes?


Why is my RANK not getting updated in the CHALLENGE Screen?

MOTION App updates the CHALLENGE ranks as per the timer on the right side of the challenge banner. This is designed to keep an optimum use of the battery and backend resources.

Why my steps are showing ‘0’ in the CHALLENGE, whereas Motion app is showing more steps?

This will happen only on the first day of the Challenge. The Challenger screen shows the steps that you have walked after TAKING PART in the challenger app, whereas MOTION App shows the total steps in the day (before Challenge started).

Why is the Challenger screen slow while browsing towards the bottom?

This might happen because screen picks the data from the backend on cloud, this will be improved in future.

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